400A Teller Cash Recycler


When it comes to Branch Transformation, enhancing efficiencies and increasing productivity are essential. Teller Cash Recyclers help achieve this and so much more. Not only do TCRs improve teller productivity by eliminating the time needed to balance drawers and count cash, but they also significantly reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction. Utilizing the latest technology, TCRs allow for cash to be handled less often and with more accuracy, reducing the amount of exposed cash in your branch. Take your employees’ focus away from counting cash and let them put their attention on what’s most important to your business – the customers.

Although today’s consumer is migrating away from the “traditional branch”, they continue to prefer personal service when it comes to managing their finances. With transactions and branch traffic decreasing, it’s important to find a solution that meets the needs of today’s consumer while achieving operational benefits. Nautilus Hyosung’s MoniSafe 400A is that solution.


  • Largest capacity in the industry at 13,000 notes
  • Simplifies and accelerates cash transactions
  • Reduces teller cash balancing time and cash exposure
  • Enhances banknote authentication
  • Offers increased sorting capabilities
  • Reduces risk of robbery or potential loss
  • Holds up to 7 recycling cassettes
  • Deposits and dispenses 200 notes per transaction


  • Automates the acceptance, authentication and validation of bank notes
  • Reduces cash deposit transaction times by up to 50%
  • Cuts cash dispense transaction times by up to 40%
  • Reduces the time taken for start and end-of-day cash balancing by an average of 20 minutes
  • Reduces wait times by up to 50%
  • Improves the opportunity for customer interaction
  • Improves branch security by reducing cash exposure in your branch


Although there are other brands of teller cash recyclers in the market today, we believe Hyosung’s is the best! Hyosung is a world leader in branch transformation technology. Their vertically integrated business structure offers a customized approach to banking and a premier level of serviceability. Hyosung guarantees the highest quality of innovation and customer service, creating an unmatched experience for you.


Capacity is a key deciding factor when purchasing a cash recycler. In order to manage cash efficiently and effectively, capacity makes a huge difference. The Monisafe 400A has the largest capacity in the market, with 13,000 notes.

The recycler also has an overflow cassette. With most RSM (Rolled Storage Module) based recyclers, notes will get rejected back to the teller when a denomination cassette is full, because there is nowhere else for the notes to go. Although there may be multiple RSMs that allow for note storage of any denomination, the money still has to go back to the user once the cassette is full. With the MS 400A, if a particular denomination is full, any money in excess will “overflow” into a mixed-note storage cassette allowing the user to continue processing deposits… a HUGE time saving advantage!

While other recyclers have a large overflow area, any money going in becomes stuck until it is manually removed. With the MS 400A, the user can move all of the cash stored in the overflow cassette back into the recycling cassettes. This allows you to use the overflow cassette when transactions start switching from cash positive to cash negative.

You can also load excess cash into the overflow cassette for later use. The Monisafe 400A can be loaded with hundreds of notes, including the popular denominations of $20s or $100s, and the recycling cassettes can be easily replenished with the push of a button after peak rushes. This extra capacity is ideal for cash negative environments and truly makes Hyosung a leader in functionality.

Most Financial Institutions audit their machines once a week or monthly. The process usually involves emptying the entire machine, running the cash through a counter, and reloading the machine again in order to validate the total. When the MS 400A’s overflow cassette is empty, you can utilize the self-audit function. It takes the notes from the cassette, runs them back through the bill sensor, and into the overflow cassette. Once an audited count is made, the bills are moved to their original cassette. All of this happens without any human intervention or the need to open the safe and expose the cash! This self-service nature is another unique feature that sets the MoniSafe 400A apart from the competition.

MoniSafe 400A Datasheet