Are Your ATMs Secure?

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It’s the start of a new year, and fraud at the ATM is still at an all-time high. Are you doing everything you can to prevent harmful exploits? With ATM fraud in the U.S. costing an estimated $1 billion, and with EMV and PCI-DSS initiatives in full-swing, enhanced ATM security and regulatory compliance are more important than ever before. Keeping ATMs compliant is a task many Financial Institutions have a hard time managing. Additionally, new viruses, zero-day malware, and other forms of malicious software are attacking the ATM channel daily. NuSource offers solutions that will assist you in these areas. See below!

How Are ATMs Compromised?

Skimming at the ATM

While efforts have been made to enhance payment card technology, ATM manufacturers say skimming still remains the number one global threat when it comes to tackling card fraud. ATM skimming is like identity theft for debit cards. Thieves use hidden electronics to copy personal data from the magnetic stripe on an ATM card. Generally, a skimming device is accompanied with a PIN capturing device/camera. Criminals are then able to manufacture counterfeit debit cards using the stolen information.

Malware at the ATM

Malware is malicious software intended to disrupt and damage a system or network, while gathering and compromising user data, card data, PIN information, encryption keys, administrative codes, and passwords. This information is then used to “spoof” users and/or device management personnel to gain access or control of the ATM.

Tyupkin (AKA Jackpotting)

Tyupkin is a vicious malware that takes control of an ATM’s cash-dispensing function. After the virus has been installed, the ATM is rebooted and automatically spits out the cash.

Zero-Day Attack

Zero-day attacks are threats that exploit a previously unknown vulnerability in an operating system, one that developers have not yet had time to address and patch.

Black Box Attacks

Black box attacks involve taking control of the peripherals of an ATM, using a bypassing device. This dismisses normal control of the ATM and software with an external device.

The Solutions…

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TMD’s Anti-Skimming Protection

As criminal techniques become more sophisticated, protection against ATM skimming becomes even more essential. TMD Security, the global leader in anti-skimming for ATMs and self-service terminals, offers security solutions to help you beat skimming fraud. TMD’s patented solutions secure over 300,000 ATMs globally. Whether you’re looking to apply digital, analogue, or stereo anti-skimming systems to your ATMs, TMD offers the complete anti-skimming package.


AppGuard is the most comprehensive and advanced anti-malware solution available to the ATM industry. It prevents exploits from known and unknown threats using patented isolation and containment technologies. The solution delivers its protection without requiring burdensome scanning or frequent updates, which dramatically reduces system overhead. While ensuring high levels of safety, AppGuard enables consumers to plan and implement forward-thinking strategies.

Patch Management Services

PCI-DSS Compliance is a set of standards used to keep payment card data protected from harm. It is recommended that ATMs undergo regular operating system updates in order to remain PCI-DSS compliant. When an operating system vendor finds a security risk within their system, a security update is released. The manufacturers and software houses then evaluate the relevance and severity of the security update to their products and software applications, and create a software patch, if needed. NuSource can take care of monitoring and installing these patches for you with our Patch Management Services Program. Patch Management protects customers from supplementary costs associated with PCI-DSS compliance, allowing them to put their focus back on gaining market share and a competitive advantage.

NuView: Remote ATM Management Service

NuView is a remote ATM management tool that provides a faster and more economical approach to ATM service, greater ATM availability, tighter control over software patches for PCI compliance, improved Electronic Journal retrieval and archiving, and the ability to better align branding and marketing messages within the self-service channel. ATMs continue to be the number one delivery channel, offering real-time convenience to customers 24/7. With NuView, you can gain better control of your ATM channel, at a much lower operating cost.

To learn more about ATM security, and how NuSource Financial’s ATM Solutions can help you achieve it, call us today at (952)942-9191.

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