ATM Maintenance

ATM Maintenance Services

atm-maintenance2We are your local ATM experts, offering quality maintenance services on an abundance of ATM products and brands. As a market leader in ATM maintenance services, we truly understand a diverse portfolio of banking products and hardware. When it comes to taking care of our customers, we’re serious about providing the best ATM services available in the market we serve.

With years of experience, our certified technicians will service “Any ATM, Anytime, Anywhere.” Our ATM techs have been trained at the highest levels and hit the field each day with the expectation of fixing your ATM on the first visit. Additionally, our dispatch department is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, ensuring rapid response time if your ATM channel is ever awry. Keeping your ATM network running at its optimal condition is of utmost importance to the experts at NuSource Financial. NuSource services all major ATM brands including Nautilus Hyosung, NCR, Triton, Diebold, Wincor, GRG, and more. Providing our customers quality multi-vendor ATM maintenance and services as well as leading-edge technology is top of mind for NuSource Financial.

Why Does Quality Service Matter?

Whether you’re new to the industry or have been working with Financial Institution’s for years, it’s no secret that banking equipment of all kinds is a costly investment. ATMs are no exception. From initial purchase to the ongoing maintenance, ATMs require careful upkeep. Because of this, working with an experienced service provider is crucial. At NuSource, we want to help you maximize the investment you have made on your ATM fleet. In order to do so, your ATMs must be maintained at their optimal condition. Make the right decisions when it comes to your ATMs. Choose NuSource Financial!

Our ATM Maintenance Service Offerings…

Financial & Retail ATM Placements:

Our ATM Placement services allow Financial Institutions to add off-premise ATMs to their network without any of the issues associated with their deployment and management. No matter what the setting may be, our top-of-the-line technicians will place your ATMs with ease and efficiency.

Shared Branding Services:

Many Financial Institutions are routinely approached by merchant customers looking to deploy ATMs in off-premise locations. Off-premise ATM deployment offers merchants various advantages such as additional convenience for customers. Assisting merchants in requests like these offers FIs the opportunity to develop new business partnerships and extend their brand and services within the community. With our Shared Branding solution, a FI’s financial exposure, daily involvement and operating costs are significantly reduced. Financial Institutions are now able to satisfy their merchant’s request, extend their brand and service footprint in the community as well as have an opportunity to gain revenue return depending on volumes. With NuSource Financial’s Shared Branding solution, off-premise ATM deployment is a “win-win” opportunity for you!

Outsourcing and Managed Services:

The cost of owning an ATM is on the rise as new technology hits the market and compliance standards continue to evolve. The gradually increasing complexity of the transaction delivery channel has amplified over time and this is not expected to change in the foreseeable future. Due to these factors, the industry is transitioning into a Managed Services environment. NuSource Financial’s Freedom ATM Program takes care of various operational and service burdens for you, including hardware maintenance, software upgrades, cash replenishment, supplies and daily operations. Additionally, our Peace of Mind Regulatory Upgrade Service protects you from supplementary costs associated with PCI-DSS compliance and ongoing regulatory changes through the term. While we concentrate on upkeep, uptime, return on investment and delivering continual improvements to your ATM channel, you can put your focus back on gaining market share and a competitive advantage. Our Freedom ATM Program ensures an enhanced service experience for all.

First Line Maintenance:

Even the most advanced technology is not susceptible to unexpected problems. Our first line maintenance services ensure quality support at every level. Whether your ATMs need a routine operational fix or something more advanced, we guaranty to find a solution in a proficient manner. First line services provide unlimited routine support to our customers, seven days a week. Our proactive and preventative approach to ATM maintenance will routinely keep your ATM fleet running effectively and efficiently.

Second Line Maintenance:

NuSource Financial’s second line service technicians are trained and certified on a variety of ATM models and vendors, including Hyosung, Triton, NCR and Diebold, ensuring complete upkeep for any ATM fleet. Our second line maintenance technicians perform regular ADA upgrades, PCI Compliance updates and Windows 7 upgrades, allowing your ATM channel to run at its peak efficiency.  Predictive maintenance services, including preventative machine checkups, will keep your ATMs functioning flawlessly for every transaction.

Software Maintenance:

New viruses, zero-day malware, targeted attacks, persistent threats and other forms of malicious software are attacking the ATM channel every day, constantly searching for vulnerabilities in various networks. In addition to an increase in viruses and malware tainting the ATM channel, cybercriminals are growing in confidence and finding new ways to execute fraud. When it comes to your ATM and self-service channels, are you truly protected from harmful exploits? NuSource provides a variety of software maintenance programs that ensure optimum security when it comes to your ATM channel’s software. Our newest solution, AppGuard, was named “Best Anti-Malware Solution” by the 2014 Homeland Security Awards Program. Using a unique, patented isolation and containment method, AppGuard defends against viruses, zero-day malware, drive-by-downloads, watering hole attacks, ransomware, phishing and many other forms of threats.

PCI-DSS Patch Management Services:

With cutting-edge financial equipment and services come ever-changing updates and regulations. Are you doing all that you can to keep your ATMs PCI-DSS compliant and running at their optimal condition? NuSource Financial’s Patch Management Services can help. When our registered software maintenance customers have ATMs in need of updates, we will either schedule an on-site visit (Standard) or have a remote download (Remote) automatically install the most recent security patches to the ATMs. Let NuSource worry about the operational and security burdens of ATM compliance for you.

Remote ATM Management Services:

As increased pressure is being placed on managing the self-service channel, FIs are looking for alternative ways to reduce operating costs, keep up with compliance standards, improve ATM availability, and increase customer satisfaction. NuSource Financial’s Remote ATM Management Solution, NuView, provides superior control over your ATM fleet by having the capability to remotely diagnose and repair operational issues. NuView provides a faster and more economical ATM serviceability, tighter control over software to ensure PCI compliance, enhanced EJ retrieval and archive services, and the ability to better align branding and marketing messages to the self-service channel. Take Better Care of your ATM Fleet with NuView.

Cash Replenishment Services:

Our Cash Replenishment Services ensure that your ATMs are ALWAYS ready to deliver. With consumers constantly on the go, the success of your ATM network depends largely on how well it can meet their demand for fast, convenient access to their funds. NuSource Financial’s Cash Replenishment Services increases the productivity of your staff, monitors cash balances on a daily basis, delivers accurate and timely cash invoices, reduces ATM downtime and more!