First Line Maintenance

First Line Maintenance

Even the most advanced technology is not susceptible to unexpected problems. ATMs are no exception. NuSource Financial is dedicated to delivering the best ATM maintenance services in the industry. Our first line maintenance services ensure quality support at every level. Whether your ATMs need a routine operational fix or something more advanced, we guaranty to find a solution in a proficient manner. First line services provide unlimited routine support to our customers, seven days a week. Our proactive and preventative approach to ATM maintenance will routinely keep your ATM fleet running effectively and efficiently.

No matter what the problem may be, NuSource Financial’s ATM maintenance services always begin at our call center. When our dispatch department receives a call from one of our customers or their ATM network, a call number is generated, which is then sent out to the NuSource technician who is closest to the site that is requesting assistance. We have multiple technicians servicing each region we serve in order to reach our customers in the timeliest fashion. All NuSource technicians are required to respond to the site in need of assistance within 30 minutes of receiving the message from dispatch. If and when the contact on site has been reached, it is often determined that the problem can be resolved remotely.  However, some first line ATM services require a site visit.

If there is a non-technical ATM operational problem that needs to be addressed, such as clearing consumable jams (like cash, paper, or envelopes), or replenishing consumables, a NuSource first line technician will be sent to resolve the issue. All first line service technicians aim to resolve the problem within two hours of being on site. To minimize downtime, we keep our fleet of first line service vehicles stocked with a full inventory of supplies. The reason for keeping our service vehicles fully equipped is because our technicians operate with the mind set of fixing the problem on their first visit. If the problem is resolved within two hours and no parts were used, the call will be closed and considered complete. If the call takes longer than two hours, or parts were used, NuSource will reschedule a second line service call. All of NuSource Financial’s first line maintenance service programs are customized for each of our customers in order to meet their specific needs.

The Following Are Considered First Line Maintenance Services:

  • Clearing of paper, card, envelope and currency jams
  • Basic remedial maintenance, which consists of servicing obvious items that will prevent a repeat or subsequent first line maintenance call
  • General cleaning of the ATM exterior, CRT screen, fascia and the immediate surrounding area while on site responding to a first line maintenance service call
  • General ATM system resets

Kaba Mas 2100…

All ATMs under our first line maintenance service program will need to be equipped with a Kaba Mas 2100 service lock or its equivalent.  The Kaba Mas Cencon system is an industry standard that offers total access control and accountability. The one time combination is dispatched from our central location and cannot be reused at a later date. This is an industry standard requirement when multiple vendors are required for servicing an ATM.

For more information on our first line maintenance services, please contact your NuSource representative.