ATM Security Solutions

Fraud Knows No Boundaries

Did you know that ATM card fraud in the U.S. is estimated to cost over $1 billion? New viruses, zero-day malware, targeted attacks, persistent threats and other forms of malicious software are attacking the ATM channel every day, constantly searching for vulnerabilities in various networks. In addition to an increase in viruses and malware tainting the ATM channel, cybercriminals are growing in confidence and finding new ways to execute fraud. When it comes to your ATM and self-service channels, are you truly protected from harmful exploits?

What You Need To Know


Malware is malicious software intended to disrupt and damage a system or network while gathering sensitive information. ATM malware allows criminals to withdraw cash directly from the ATM without compromising the consumer’s debit card.

Tyupkin (AKA Jackpotting)

Tyupkin is a vicious malware that takes control of an ATM’s cash-dispensing function. After the virus has been installed, the ATM is rebooted and automatically spits out cash.

Zero-Day Attack

Zero-day attacks are threats that exploit a previously unknown vulnerability in an operating system, one that developers have not had time to address and patch.

ATM Skimming

ATM skimming is like identity theft for debit cards. Thieves use hidden electronics to copy personal data from the magnetic strip on an ATM card. Generally, a skimming device is accompanied with a PIN capturing device.

How Can You Stay Protected?


Blue Ridge Networks’ AppGuard was named “Best Anti-Malware Solution” by the 2014 Homeland Security Awards Program. Using a unique, patented isolation and containment method, AppGuard defends against viruses, zero-day malware, drive-by-downloads, watering hole attacks, ransomware, phishing and many other forms of threats. While most traditional antivirus, whitelisting and sandboxing approaches need to identify the threat, scan for viruses, update their software and disrupt activities in order to provide protection, AppGuard extends its defense without disrupting the computing and network environments. In addition to being compatible with most antivirus software, AppGuard is easy to install, easy to use and affordable. As an emerging standard for isolation and containment protection against zero-day malware, targeted attacks and persistent threats, AppGuard offers the best security in the marketplace.

Patch management services

PCI (Payment Card Industry) – DSS (Data Security Standard) Compliance is all about enhancing payment card security and ensuring the safe handling of cardholder information. PCI-DSS recommends that ATMs undergo regular operating system updates in order to ensure optimum security when it comes to payment card data and ATM usage. With NuSource Financial’s Patch Management Services, customers have the option of signing up for our Standard Patch Management Services, or our Remote ATM Management Service (NuView). When our registered software maintenance customers have ATMs in need of updates, we will either schedule an on-site visit (Standard) or have a remote download (Remote) automatically install the most recent security patch to the ATMs. When ATMs are not updated with the latest software patches, they are at high risk for potential threats. Patch Management Services protects our customers from supplementary costs associated with PCI-DSS compliance, allowing them to put their focus back on gaining market share and a competitive advantage.

TMD Anti-skimming protection

As criminal techniques become more sophisticated, protection against ATM skimming becomes even more complicated. TMD Security, the global leader in anti-skimming for ATMs and self-service terminals, offers security solutions to help you beat skimming fraud.  TMD’s patented solutions secure over 250,000 ATMs globally. Whether you’re looking to apply digital, analogue or stereo anti-skimming techniques, TMD offers the complete anti-skimming package. Until all deployers in the US install anti-skimming protection to their ATMs, the number of domestic skimming incidents and the cash losses associated with them will continue to rise.

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