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As the ATM Experts, we are dedicated to providing our customers quality solutions, as well as the benefit of choice, through our multi-vendor ATM product line. We understand that the ATM world is constantly changing and your business needs are changing along with it. Because of this, NuSource offers a customized, personal touch approach to every relationship. We meet with each customer to determine the scope of their needs, and identify the ATM solution that most effectively meets their business requirements and goals. Whether you’re looking for a simple cash dispensing ATM, or an advanced-functioning model like Hyosung’s Self-Service Banking Kiosk, NuSource has the perfect solution for you. We sell and deploy a variety of ATMs from Hyosung, NCR and Triton. To learn more about some of the ATM manufacturers we do business with, see below!


At NuSource, providing our customers quality ATM products and services, as well as leading-edge technology, is top of mind. In addition to delivering innovative solutions, enhancing efficiencies within the branch, and providing personalized service to our valued customers, we also recognize the importance of strong business partnerships focused on quality, flexibility and customer service. For all of these reasons, and many more, we have chosen to partner with Hyosung.

Hyosung_logo (1)For over 30 years, Hyosung has dedicated itself to being a leader in ATM technologies and self-service solutions. In addition to providing complete solutions in hardware, software and electronic banking services, Hyosung commits to reducing costs, enhancing security, and creating new business opportunities for their partners. Their products and services feature state-of-the-art technology, and their global compliance standards ensure efficiency, convenience and security at the highest levels.

Hyosung has recently become the country’s largest ATM manufacturer in terms of market share, beating out all of their competitors. Additionally, Hyosung is the fastest growing supplier of ATMs in North America, and the market leader in Branch Transformation solutions. Their vertically integrated business structure offers a customized approach to banking and a premier level of serviceability. Hyosung guarantees the highest quality of innovation and customer service, creating an unmatched experience for you.


503_ncrWith over 25 years in the financial self-service industry, NCR is a world leader in self-service ATM terminals. In addition to selling a complete range of remanufactured NCR equipment, NuSource services all NCR machines including Personas, SelfServ ATMs and SelfServ AITs. Our best-in-class service and support provides full diagnostic capabilities, software support and NCR factory parts, as required.


tritonNuSource sells and deploys a variety of off-premise Triton ATMs. For over 30 years, Triton has provided reliable and affordable products to the marketplace. Setting new standards with innovative features and support is what Triton does best. Triton ATMs have a sleek look with a small footprint, making it easy to perform upgrades and other services.

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