Nautilus Hyosung 7600T

Maximum flexibility is the hallmark of the 7600T. Options for safe door swing, either left or right, solve difficult installation challenges, and options for deposit processing technologies allow your institution to custom tailor solutions to cardholder preferences. The 7600T supports a full range of personalization, advertising and marketing options as well as end-to-end deposit automation implementations. As with all Nautilus Hyosung platforms, the modules are designed, engineered, manufactured and tested in-house, with 24/7 unattended self-service functionality as their design goal. This means the 7600T is as reliable as it is functional. Reliability derived from being the market leader in cash dispensing technology, and availability provided by high capacity modules, the 7600T is the ideal self-service platform for weather facing exterior walk-up deployments.

7600T Datasheet