NCR SelfServ 16

SelfServ 16

NCR SelfServ 16 is a bank-grade cash dispenser designed for reliability and improved customer availability in the convenience ATM market.

The SelfServ 16 is a small footprint, free-standing, interior cash dispenser ATM that offers a very low total cost of ownership. The SelfServ 16 is ideal for large and independent institutions looking to position an ATM in off-premise locations or in bank branches. The intuitively designed SelfServ 16 will attract customers and handle even the highest transaction volumes. At the same time, the compact footprint provides maximum placement flexibility where floor space is at a premium. As with all NCR ServServs, the SelfServ 16 offers express recovery and self-healing technology that reduces downtime, keeps you informed through its intuitive network management and defends against known and unknown fraud attacks –even before they start.