Currency & Coin

Are you tired of counting bills, sorting coins and rechecking your numbers time after time? Look no further! NuSource offers a variety of Currency Counters, Discriminators and Coin Sorters from Magner, Semacon, Advantec and Arca that provide speed, reliability and accuracy when counting and sorting your money.

coinsWith a wide range of features and options, Currency Counters are designed for accurate and high-speed processing, simplicity of operation and rugged reliability, even in the most demanding applications. Aside from minimizing the involvement of your tellers in handling coin transactions, coin counters also:

  • Drive growth
  • Bring people into the branch, helping you create a positive banking experience
  • Prevent your customers/members from going to the competition
  • Attract potential new customers/members by getting them in the door
  • Create cross-selling opportunities
  • Reduce workload on teller staff
  • Differentiate you from the competition!

Our Currency Discriminators have compact designs with color graphic touchscreen displays and control panels. They’re perfect for counting and sorting mixed denominations including advanced counterfeit detection (UV, MG, FL, MT, IR) and batch stop setting.

Take a look at the coin and currency products we have for you!