Interactive Teller Machines

Have you heard the buzz about branch transformation? The way customers interact with Financial Institutions is undergoing a fundamental change. With the proliferation of internet, mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and social media, branch banking is now facing competition like never before.

The emerging class of digitally-savvy bank customers is altering the way we look at conventional banking. These customers desire bank branches that offer sophisticated financial advice, innovative support and products, and easy access to the self-service channel. Over the next five years, financial institutions expect 25% of branch transactions to migrate towards self-directed technologies. What are you doing to keep pace?

In order to stay relevant, branches must deploy technology that optimizes the self-service channel.  A digitally-enabled branch with modernized ATMs and video banking creates the optimal experience for your customers and branch staff. NuSource Financial has partnered with Hyosung to deliver our customers the best branch transformation solutions in the market. Video tellers are taking the financial industry by storm. Are you ready?

Why Invest In An Interactive Teller Machine?

  • Ability to offer longer hours to your customers and serve them an “in-person” teller interaction.
  • Through the use of video, “tellerless” branches still give customers the teller interaction without having to staff tellers physically at the location.
  • Extended hours create a marked advantage over your institution’s competition.
  • Allows you to staff your branches part-time, which reduces your overall operating costs.
  • Creates a centralized management of staff.
  • Less tellers handling the same amount of volume equals greater productivity.
  • Breaks down the barrier of congestion typically associated with teller lines.
  • Self-service technology allows for an open and inviting customer service format that creates a more personable and attentive customer experience.
  • Since tellers are freed up from mundane processing tasks, such as cash balancing, they are given more time to focus on and listen to their customer’s needs, which creates a more meaningful banking experience for both customers and employees.
  • Appeals to the younger generations.
  • Can be deployed in drive-through settings and inside the branch.



At NuSource Financial, we believe one of today’s most cutting-edge branch transformation technologies is the MX8800 by Hyosung. The MX8800 is a flexible, compatible and scalable self-service banking kiosk that creates an unmatched experience for its users. While other video tellers require a teller for each transaction, the MX8800 gives the option of self-service or assisted service. Roughly 80% of standard teller transactions can be done through self-service, which is when the customer completes their transaction alone. Video is also an option on the device for those who prefer speaking with a teller and engaging in face-to-face interaction. Otherwise, a universal banker can also provide support through assisted self-service. Unlike traditional ATMs, the MX8800 offers ten additional types of transaction options including check and cash imaging deposits, loan payment processing, and cash withdrawals to upwards of a thousand dollars in ANY denomination. This is more than any other video teller on the market today! Give your customers the banking experience they want with the MX8800.


  • Dual Screen Approach: More total display area maximizes the potential for productivity, security, and greater service.
  • Secure: Advanced security features protect bank and customer data, increasing your institution’s ability to develop long-term, trusted client relationships.
  • Cash In / Cash Out: Integrated recycling technology provides the capability and speed to make the consumer feel productive.
  • Check Deposit: 50 item bunch check insertion delivers a quick and efficient user experience.


Another one of our favorite video tellers on the market today is Hyosung’s MX7800i. This multi-function free standing island terminal allows customers to experience the power of change. As a branch transformation solution, the MX7800i was designed to facilitate a seamless migration of transactions from the teller line to self-service. Complementing the extensive range of offers Hyosung delivers inside the branch, the MX7800i extends the reach of transformative solutions to the drive-thru lanes and to other remote exterior locations. Its standard features and state-of-the art software allow consumers to perform autonomously traditional ATM functions and many teller transactions typically delivered in the branch drive-thru. Moreover, on-demand remote video assistance is available for more complex activities. Video solutions from Hyosung paired with innovative integrated software provide the latest in branch transaction automation through the self-service channel.


  • Innovation: Flexible support for delivering transactions through self-service or with the support of video agents.
  • Service: Innovative design and the use of Hyosung manufactured core technologies allows for fast, easy replenishment and reduced downtime.
  • Capacity: High capacity cash dispense capability and the ability to support large mixed media deposits.
  • Flexibility: Deliver transactions via both self-service and video assistance with a wide variety of placement possibilities.
  • Functionality: Hardware is enabled for supporting a wide range of transactions typically delivered in the drive-thru.


Technological innovation has opened a new realm of opportunity for your business. Embrace it.