Security Solutions

At NuSource, we believe customers are at the core of every Financial Institution’s purpose. In this belief, we recognize the need to provide security solutions that help Financial Institutions better protect and serve their customers. A Financial Institution’s success is dependent on the quality of equipment they have in place. Be it pneumatics, under-counter steel, vaults, and safe deposit boxes, or surveillance systems, access control or alarms, both your employees and customers are seeing and using these security solutions on a daily basis. For that reason, it is imperative to provide equipment that can be relied on. Because we are dedicated to offering best-in-class products to our customers, we have partnered with the most experienced and renowned banking equipment manufacturers in the market today.

Pneumatic Tubes

NuSource offers a variety of pneumatic tubes from high-quality manufacturers like Diebold, Lefebure, Hamilton, American Vault, Skilcraft, Comco and Fortis. The tubes we supply come in various styles, colors, sizes and are compatible with a wide range of systems. From standard carriers to deluxe, we are confident that we have the right pneumatic for you.

Under-Counter Steel

We are proud suppliers of Fenco products, who have been manufacturing only the best metal casework and bank equipment for over 50 years. Every component of their products has been chosen to ensure the highest quality and security.Our under-counter steel products are designed to offer security yet complement the interior design of your facility. With multiple color choices available and complete durability, these products are both attractive and functional.


NuSource supplies vaults of the highest quality from American Vault Corporation. Their modular design allows us to tailor each vault to your specific needs. All doors and panels are UL Listed for burglary resistance and inspected before they leave the plant. Satin finished stainless steel and distinctive styling will complement any establishment.We guarantee vaults that offer timeless designs, quality construction, sleek and secure day gates, personal safety, optimum security, controlled convenience, user friendly time locks and practical installation.

Safe Deposit Boxes

NuSource Financial offers safe deposit boxes that are produced with quality craftsmanship and advanced materials right here in the USA. We supply a full range of deposit boxes and lockers from American Vault Corporation and Fortis Security Products. Maximum protection, durability and endurance are three guarantees when it comes to any of our safe deposit boxes or lockers.


At NuSource, we believe security should be affordable. By using products of the highest quality and offering equipment from a variety of vendors, we have the flexibility to design the perfect surveillance system for you. Whether you need surveillance security for a single site or your entire branch, NuSource offers a complete solution. Our newest 3VR and March Networks options integrate specialty features including sophisticated multiple search functions, facial recognition and unlimited storage. The right surveillance system provides greater security, enhanced efficiency and reduced exposure to theft, accidents and false liability. Let us find the right system for you!

Access Control

NuSource Financial offers access control solutions that allow you to prevent vandalism and theft, while ensuring worker safety, by controlling access to sensitive areas. Our complete access control systems include photo badges and key cards, key fobs, video and telephone entry controls and more. No more lost keys or the need to make new keys—with sophisticated access control systems, you can instantly add, restrict or deny access quickly and easily. Using access control products from DMP, your company’s assets, property and people will be protected.


NuSource offers a wide variety of alarm systems and products to meet all the security requirements of our valued customers. We understand that businesses seeking security have high expectations for their alarm systems. People want an effective system they can trust as well as a system they can use with ease. At NuSource, we custom design our alarm systems using the most intuitive software in the market in order to protect you and your assets in the most demanding of environments. Our alarm systems are UL Listed for burglary, fire and access control, ensuring reliability and authentication.At NuSource, we offer the best security and alarm systems because we want to keep our customers safe and secure. Let us help you protect your people and property too.