Discover A New Customer Experience!

chase-self-service-750Branch Transformation is among the top priorities for banks today. With in-branch traffic on the decline, change needs to be made to keep customers engaged, and in the bank. In the past few months, several FIs have taken the issue head on, in efforts to create a new experience customers can’t resist.

Chase Bank:

In late August, Chase Bank opened a new state-of-the-art branch in the World Trade Center. From the 9/11 tributes, to the new highly advanced ATMs, the innovation used within this branch is breathtaking!  Overall, the branch is 35% smaller than other typical Chase locations, including two Teller windows, offices for those in need of financial advice, and 11 ATMs spread throughout. This location gives customers the self-service options they demand, along with still being able to fulfill in-person transactions as needed. See link to view Chase’s new modern branch! Click Here!

Pioneer Bank:

Pioneer is currently working with Hyosung to replace nearly all of their ATMs, to newer and more technologically advanced machines. The addition of more self-service machines is intended to help provide higher levels of customer service at all locations, with extended hours. Not only will this speed up transactions, and reduce operating costs, but it allows the bank to have their most experienced people on the front lines, interacting directly with customers where they are. Click here to learn more!

How can we help?

At NuSource, we understand the “branches of the future” will be different – smaller, less focused on simple transactions and more focused on sales. Branch transformation is a long-term commitment that involves not only a physical makeover, but a behind the scenes technology transformation as well. As a proud Hyosung Authorized Service Dealer, NuSource has the tools to help you through the branch transformation process… Click here to learn more!

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