EMV at the ATM

EMV Liability Shift Dates:

As one of the biggest payment changes in the U.S. over the past 50 years, EMV deployment was never expected to be easy. As many of you know, the EMV fraud liability shift for MasterCard ATMs took effect in October 2016. The fraud liability shifts for VISA is October 2017. The push to EMV is looking to gain ground in 2017, are you ready?

Steps you should be taking with your network and ATMs:

  1. Call network to open an EMV project, and complete/return paperwork.
  1. Call your ATM service provider to determine what hardware and software will be needed in order to accept the new EMV ATM load.
  1. Schedule the EMV upgrade with your ATM service provider.

Items to note:

  • Some ATM models will require a new Card Reader, others will already have an EMV capable reader that is not yet activated.
  • Most ATMs will require the latest EMV software version certified by their network (these differ by network). Make sure your software is running on the most recent updates.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the EMV migration, please reach out to your NuSource Representative!

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