Get the Facts about NuSource Financial

NuSource Financial continues to be the largest privately held ATM Service Company in the Midwest. Thanks largely to our loyal customer base, we now service ATMs for over 600 FIs in 19 States!

Lately, you may have heard about the exciting changes taking place at NuSource. Are you up to speed? Let’s find out!

Does NuSource still service NCR ATMs?

Absolutely YES! NCR hardware currently makes up more than 85% of our ATM service base. Our factory trained technicians have complete access to the diagnostics needed to maintain your machines, and keep them up and running.

Is NuSource still able to get NCR parts and supplies?

Again, YES! As one of NCR’s largest Resellers, we have had a New Parts Contract in place since the company’s beginning, and that remains the case today! In addition to purchasing parts for our customers, we also purchase parts for the hundreds of ATMs we drive through our very successful “Freedom ATM Program”.

Does NuSource still have access to all NCR Software Patches?

We DO! As drivers of our own NCR ATMs, we have access to any/all security and application patches released. Customers can sign up for our Patch Management Services to ensure their ATMs remain PCI-DSS compliant.

As always, NuSource is committed to providing our loyal customers best-in-class service, and the benefits of choice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the exciting new changes that we have made, please contact your NuSource Representative. We are more than happy to help!

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