Have You Hopped on the Branch Transformation Bandwagon Yet?!

Branch Transformation…

It sounds cool, and the benefits seem to be endless, but who has actually taken the plunge?! Ohio Valley Bank of Barboursville, West Virginia and Flushing Bank of Uniondale, New York have! Both banks have selected Hyosung’s cutting-edge technology for their branch transformation initiatives.

When describing the implementation at Flushing Bank, John R. Buran, President and CEO, said, “We are excited to be one of the first community banks in the New York area to be introducing this new technology. This full-service branch will showcase a new branch model that combines innovative technology with highly trained people to deliver a superior customer experience.”

Tom Wiseman, President and CEO of Ohio Valley Bank, describes his reasoning for choosing Hyosung as, “We chose Hyosung because of its strong position as the market leader in the Branch Transformation technology space. We are confident that the Hyosung banking solution will help us provide a more consumer-centric banking experience.”

To learn more about how these two banks implemented Hyosung’s Branch Transformation Solutions, and the positive results they are experiencing, follow the links below!

Flushing Bank Opens New Branch with Nautilus Hyosung America Branch Transformation Technology

Ohio Valley Bank Selects Hyosung to Transform New Branch

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