Hybrid ATMs Maximize Client Satisfaction

Flexible. Compatible. Scalable.

Are you ready to maximize productivity, empower branch employees, exceed client expectations, customize your own solution – all while you build trust?
NuSource partners with Nautilus Hyosung, the #1 Branch Transformation and ATM/ITM provider in the US, to bring you the latest technology you can bank on. The new Hybrid ATMs (7800 Island, 7800 Wall Drive-up, and 7800 Wall Walk- up) provide an upgradeable path for expanding your ATM self-service channel while protecting your Windows 10 migration investment. Hyosung Hybrid ATMs manage routine self-service transactions seamlessly while providing future upgradability to support direct core integration transactions, video tellers, and/or teller assisted transactions.The result? The ability for your branch to handle more transactions with existing resources while maximizing client satisfaction and branch productivity with the next generation of secure, customer-centric branch transformation platforms.
Hyosung’s ATMs are designed with advanced security features that provide unmatched reliability. The industry’s highest uptime and minimum maintenance needs are sure to increase your team’s ability to develop long-term, trusted client relationships.
The NuSource/Hyosung partnership is one that yields best in class service with innovative technololgy and hardware. Together, we provide solutions that simply work better.
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