Hyosung’s 500A Teller Cash Recycler

500A TCRThere’s a new Teller Cash Recycler (TCR) on the market! Hyosung’s MoniSafe 500A is quickly becoming a market-leader. But what’s special about this TCR? Quality and strength of features are just the beginning. Take a look at the 500A…


The 500A is the fastest TCR on the market, with a note speed of 12 notes per second. This improvement in speed makes it 20% faster than the previous market leader, the Glory RBG-100. The 500A’s continuous note feed is also a major contributor to the speed, as it allows the user to feed large amounts of currency into the TCR without having to stop for batches. Additionally, Hyosung’s earlier TCR model, the 400A, had a 200-note escrow feature that could slow down deposit processing. The 500A supports large volume cash deposits and a logical escrow function, making it 50% faster than the 400A.

Greater Capacity

The 500A has the largest total storage capacity available, supporting up to 21,100 notes. The TCR has 3 large cassettes (up to 2,850 notes each) and 3 small cassettes (up to 800 notes each). Additionally, the 500A has a large overflow cassette (up to 2,850 notes) that can be recalled at a later time to replenish any recycling cassettes that have gotten low. The TCR also boasts a large transit cassette that can “marry up” to the machine’s front, which allows for loading or offloading without having to expose any cash. This feature is ideal for high volume environments. Since the larger cassettes hold more than 2,000 notes, there is ample space to effectively manage peaks and valleys of retail banking transactions.

Removable Cassettes

The TCR’s cassette modules are fully compatible with the recycling cassettes used in recycling ATMs, as well as Hyosung’s MX8800. This capability enables in-branch or between-branch cash recycling, and provides a central cash management platform. Cassettes can also be removed and equipped for cash replenishment. This makes the CIT process more efficient, because cash amount information is stored within the cassettes.


The TCR’s external transit cassette has an automatic auditing feature that allows the head teller and/or branch manager to audit without having to touch the cash. The machine empties one cassette at a time into the transit cassette, moves notes past the counting sensor, and returns them back into the cassette it took them from. Additionally, having the ability to manually load, unload, and swap the cassettes without having to expose any cash is a distinct competitive advantage, since there is no other TCR on the market that can do so.

Enhanced Security

The 500A has an optional UL291 Level 1 Standard Safe that can securely store cash in the TCR overnight. This eliminates the need for added security equipment, saving time and money.

With the 500A’s upgraded features, FIs are able to focus on cash management more effectively than ever. Combining high speed, maximum capacity, cassette-based technology, and unique cash management features makes the 500A a winner!

Contact NuSource Financial for more information on Hyosung’s 500A Teller Cash Recycler.

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