Noteworthy NuSourcee: Charles LeMelle

Congratulations Charles LeMelle!

Charles is known as a team player. His colleagues point out, “Charles is always quick to help fellow techs in any way he can.” As a Field Technician, Charles aims to assist and provide the best quality service to NuSource customers.
Listening to good old music (including Zydeco), smoking food on the pit and relaxing with a drink is Charles’ ideal way to spend his free time. He says “Later on, when the sun has gone down, I like to share a couple of dances with my wife.”
After graduating in 1979, Charles joined the Army. He went to Jump School, became a member of the 101st, and later the 75th Regiment Rangers. Following his term in the military, Charles became a welder, then mechanic, and then moved into the banking industry as a sorter/computer operator. His varied experience is a perfect fit as he works on banking equipment.
Charles is known for “always exceeding expectations, whether it’s with customer service or being a team player. He has a top notch work ethic.” This is evident on his service calls where he spends a little extra time cleaning the important parts of the machine, dispenser, printer and card reader in order to help the customer cut the amount of service calls needed.
Teammates of Charles said it best, “NuSource benefits by having him here.” Thank you, Charles, for being a model team member. Congratulations!
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