Noteworthy NuSourcee: Congratulations Vicki Sobraske!


With comments like “She is always happy to help and pick up the phone every time.” and “Her positive attitude, her willingness to learn and to uphold the standards of NuSource.” is there any doubt why Vicki is our NuSourcee for May?

Since August of 2016, Vicki’s role on the team has been service and sales invoicing where most of her days are spent communicating with the NuSource techs and customers. She is intent on making sure issues are resolved in a timely fashion.

In her free time, Vicki enjoys listening to podcasts, walking, biking, women’s soccer and being around friends and family, including her daughters, Katelynn and Maggie, and son, Ryan. Almost two years ago, she bought a house and her house projects also keep her busy.

Vicki’s daughter, Katelynn is married and lives in Florida until this summer when she and her husband, Paul, move to Atsugi Japan for the Navy. They have also announced they are expecting, making Vicki a grandmother in October. Vicki is planning a trip to Japan this November to “love that new baby up!” Ryan’s July wedding to Chelsea keeps the family in planning mode. Maggie lives with Vicki and is currently attending MCTC and working part time.

Vicki enjoys building relationships with coworkers and customers in her role at NuSource. She says, “It makes my day when the customer feels heard and we are able to resolve issues together.”

Thank you, Vicki, for being a model team member. Congratulations!

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