Noteworthy NuSourcee: Jeff Martin

If you’ve met Jeff, you would agree with his team that says, “Every time I speak with him, he is willing to help!” As the Southern Regional Manager / Security Project Manager, Jeff Martin’s “incredible attention to detail and customer follow up” is highly valued at NuSource and with his clients. As the Security Project Manager, Jeff interacts with the customers and works with the team to provide a flawless experience for the end user. As the Regional Manager, Jeff enjoys helping the team to overcome any day to day issues or obstacles.
In addition to loving all things hunting or fishing, Jeff values his time with his wife of 20 years – this month. Happy Anniversary, Jeff!
He says, “You would not know it by looking at me, but I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. Personal Training was something I was moving towards a few years back but decided to stick to this industry and focus on becoming the best team leader I can. I made a great decision!” We’re glad you made that decision, too, Jeff!
Jeff is energized by providing the best for customers. He repeatedly says, “I honestly believe that NuSource is the best there is! I hope I inspire others to strive to be their best.”
Yes, you do that, Jeff! Thank you for being a model team member. Congratulations!
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