Noteworthy NuSourcee: Lisa Knack

November 2014:

November’s Noteworthy NuSourcee goes to one hard working gal! Lisa Knack has been with NuSource for over 11 years, tackling a variety of tasks and roles along the way. Originally running a one-woman-show in NuSource’s Dispatch Division, Lisa transitioned to managing the Service Department. Lisa currently holds the title of Project Coordinator, managing and coordinating each and every one of our customers’ ATM installs and upgrades. A daunting task for many, but Lisa does it with ease and a smile on her face! Outside of the office, Lisa enjoys bowling, gardening and spending time with her new nephew. Lisa also stays busy with her three little dogs, Dexter, Jack and Riddler.As our company continues to grow, Lisa remains an irreplaceable player on the NuSource team. Thank you for everything you bring to our team, Lisa.

We appreciate all that you do!


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