Noteworthy NuSourcee: Mike Pratt

May 2015:

Mike Pratt is NuSource Financial’s Noteworthy NuSourcee for the month of May. As Director of IT Services, Mike handles all of our internal and external IT needs including policies, procedures and security best practices. With 25+ years of experience working at banks and credit unions, Mike provides a very unique insight into the realm of IT. Mike’s financial industry knowledge is all-encompassing, from ATMs, security, and card services, to designing and building branches, data centers and more. Having been on the customer side of the business, Mike understands the security and IT functions that occur at financial institutions on a daily basis. His knowledge helps NuSource better understand what our customers need, and allows us to provide the services that best fit those requirements. In an ever-changing landscape of technology and compliance regulations, Mike has been a vital member of the NuSource team. Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and their three kids. Between camping trips with his sons, Boy Scouts activities, and watching his daughter’s gymnastic meets, Mike is quite the busy family man. He is also actively involved in the community and regularly volunteers at his church. Mike describes himself as a ‘Car Guy’, as well as a ‘Movie Nut.’

Thank you for being our technology guru, Mike! 

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