Noteworthy NuSourcee: Nate Nielsen

July 2015:

This month’s Noteworthy NuSourcee is Nate Nielsen, our ATM Service Technician in Lincoln, NE. Before joining the NuSource team, Nate worked at a bank for 10 years. His day-to-day tasks ranged from settling and filling ATMs, to repairing and installing them. This experience gave Nate unique insight into the realm of ATMs, since he worked on them for so many years in the same way bank customers do. For over five years, Nate has tackled ATM service at NuSource. His role entails running calls and taking Level-II calls from other technicians and customers. Nate’s hard work in the field helps ensure our Nebraska customers are always taken care of. Nate and his wife, Sabrina, have been married for three years. Although they don’t have any kids (yet!), they have two beautiful dogs named Maddie and Zoe. He is a sports fanatic, and roots especially loud for the Green Bay Packers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Nate enjoys grilling and tailgating for the big games. In addition to being a ‘Sports Guy’, he is also a huge ‘Techie’. Nate loves new technology and is always the first to adapt to the newest gadgets on the market. He can’t wait to see how technology will continue to improve our lives.

Thank you for being such a reliable and skilled member of our team, Nate!


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