Noteworthy NuSourcee: Sandy Miller

SandyApril 2016:

This month’s Noteworthy NuSourcee is Sandy Miller, one of our finest Dispatchers in the Service Department. After graduating from Forest Lake High School, Sandy was a nanny for nearly 20 years. While working for her second family, of three, where she was at for 13 years, she met Lisa Knack, another member of the NuSource team. From there, she began working for NuSource in 2010. Sandy loves her job as a Dispatcher, as well as the people she works with, and is constantly learning new things as the industry and company continue to change/evolve.

In 2010, Sandy married her husband, Robert, and the two expanded their family with a Black Lab/Mix named Bear. In 2011, Sandy lost her husband due to illness. Since then, she has taken great comfort in having Bear around, and describes him as the “love of her life”! The two can often be found taking walks together or playing in the yard. In her free time, Sandy enjoys watching movies or Gopher and Wild hockey games, hanging out with her friends and family, traveling, reading, and having game nights.

Thank you for your hard work, Sandy! We appreciate all that you do. 

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