Noteworthy NuSourcee

Congratulations Sara Logan!

Sara’s helpfulness is appreciated by her teammates who say, “Sara is always willing to help out others and take on more. She recognizes when her co-workers are getting behind and finds ways to help out. She is a great team player!”
With 4+ years at NuSource, Sara’s responsibilities and knowledge are varied as the leader in Accounts Payable and Receivable. In addition to her tasks in that role, she coordinates and manages arrangements for meetings, employee trainings and the 50+ fleet of NuSource vehicles. Sara is known as the “go to” person if you are not sure about something.
Sara is a single mom to Trevor, Trinity and Taryn and a “Glamma” to Farrah Bella and Harlow Munroe and a proud owner of 4 cats and 3 rabbits. She enjoys watching movies (scary ones are her favorite), reading books, listening to music and managing her inside animal farm.

Something people may not know about Sara is that at 15 years old she was a passenger in an automobile accident that put her in a coma for 5 days!

Sara considers herself lucky that she enjoys coming to work.  Her teammates see that and say, “Sara comes to work every day with a positive attitude and helps keep the office a fun place to work.”
Thank you, Sara, for being a model team member. Congratulations!
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