NuView Adds Value to Your ATM Channel

NuView Convenient ATM Compliance

Software updates, machine reboots, journaling and back-ups are just a few things that keep your ATMs unavailable for customers, and your team off the front line. NuSource has the solution. NuView allows your ATM/ITM to be remotely managed. With a number of different modules, we customize the service to meet your specific needs. Available NuView modules are:

  1. Patch Management and Remote Diagnostics 
    The Patch Management piece of this module maintains PCI-DSS compliance with certified Windows 7 quarterly patches, keeping your ATMs secure. The Remote Diagnostic portion allows operational issues to be diagnosed and repaired remotely, improving ATM/ITM uptime and minimizing the number of service visits.
  2. Electronic Journaling
    Your electronic journals are uploaded automatically so you can view, download, and run reports – all from the dashboard, in real time.
  3. Back-Up
    By creating an image of your hard drive, you gain more functionality and serviceability in the event the image needs to be reloaded. This not only saves you money but minimizes downtime. 
  4. Marketing
    Do you have a special advertisement or message you’d like to see on your ATM/ITM screens? Your custom advertisements can be managed remotely on any or all of your ATMs.

As ATMs continue to be the customer’s number one delivery channel, offering real-time convenience 24/7, NuView offers better control of the channel, at a lower operating cost. Let’s talk about it today!

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