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Fraud at ATM’s is at its highest rate in nearly two decades, and cyber criminals are showing no signs of slowing down. Everyday ATM channels are attacked via new viruses, zero-day malware, targeted skimming attacks, persistent threats and other forms of malicious software. Are you protected? bl27atm_1125624f

With NuSource Financial’s NuView Security Bundle, FIs can get ahead of the game, and keep their networks and their customer’s card data safe. The NuView bundle includes; PCI-DSS Patch Management Service, TMD the world leader in Anti-Skimming Protection, and AppGuard the 2015 Homeland Security’s Malware product of the year. As the ATM Experts, NuSource Financial is deeply knowledgeable of the security risks in today’s market as well as the global standards of PCI-DSS compliance.

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Bundle Breakdown….

Patch Management: PCI-DSS Compliance is a set of standards used to keep payment card data protected from harm. In order to maintain optimum security on payment card data and ATM usage, PCI-DSS recommends all ATMs undergo regular operating system updates.

NuSource’s NuView Remote Patch Management Service offers an efficient automatic install of the most recent security patches on a quarterly basis to your ATMs. This allows FIs to keep their ATMs PCI-DSS compliant and ensure their customers of optimum security.

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 TMD Anti-Skimming: What is ATM Skimming? ATM skimming can be best understood as identity theft for debit cards. Thieves use hidden electronics to copy and steal personal data from the magnetic stripe on an ATM card. To give you the upper-hand and prevent skimming thieves, NuSource recommends the TMD Anti-Skimming Protection. TMD is a global leader in anti-skimming and uses their patented solutions to secure over 350,000 ATMs globally.

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Appguard: With the continuous growth in ATM channel attacks, it’s essential to protect yourself with the best security in the marketplace. Introducing Blue Ridge Network’s Appguard, consumers can feel safe as AppGuard works daily to defend against zero-day malware, targeted attacks and persistent threats.

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