Are You Ready for EMV at the ATM?

Chip ReminderBy now, you have most likely received your EMV chip cards in the mail, and been prompted to use these cards at POS terminals for your everyday purchases. More and more retailers are upgrading their systems to be EMV-compliant, and ATMs are next. Ahead of the October 1st deadline for EMV chip card reader acceptance at the ATM, NuSource is here to educate our customers on what to expect, and how the new process will work. We know the EMV migration hasn’t been easy, and with it has come confusion, frustration, and longer waits. As more ATMs are converted to EMV, we want to help create a smoother user experience for our customers. Here’s what you can expect…

Using Your Chip Card at an EMV-Ready ATM

  1. Insert your card. A chip-enabled ATM will automatically recognize the chip on your card. If you’re used to an ATM returning your card immediately, note that your chip card will now be returned at the end of the transaction. Do not try to remove your card until prompted by the ATM.
  2. To complete a transaction, proceed as you normally would, and follow the prompts.
  3. When the ATM says the transaction is complete, remember to take your card, receipt, and cash with you.

How Can FIs Help Their Customers?

One of the biggest changes consumers will find when using an EMV-upgraded ATM is that their cards won’t be immediately returned upon inserting it into the card reader. Rather, the ATM clamps down on the chip card, and holds it in place until the transaction is complete. Only then will the consumer receive their card back, as well as their money! Up until this point, users have been prompted to dip their card at the ATM, which involves inserting the card briefly, and immediately pulling it back out. To avoid confusion and eliminate errors that will ultimately result in a time consuming system reset, customers must refrain from removing their chip cards before the ATM has finished processing the transaction. The best thing customers can do is stop, and take a moment to review the prompts on the ATM screen. NuSource has a solution that will help remind your customers to slow down!

Consumers today are always on the go, and do not want to be kept waiting by a glitch at the ATM. With that in mind, NuSource has created a decal that will stop customers in their tracks before they get confused by the unfamiliarity of EMV at the ATM. Our “Chip-Enabled Smart Card Reminder” can be placed directly on the ATM’s fascia, and positioned in the ATM user’s line of vision. See decal image above. 

Your Decal Options…

Option 1: Purchase our custom decal for $24.50 per ATM, we’ll mail it to you, and you will install it yourself on the ATM’s fascia.

Option 2: Purchase our custom decal for $24.50 per ATM, and we’ll install it for a flat fee of $95.00 per ATM.

As a Financial Institution, your customers trust you to inform them of any changes taking place in the industry that may influence their banking experience. The EMV migration has been a tricky adjustment for many consumers, and it is the responsibility of the FI to help make the transition as seamless as possible. Our custom “Chip-Enabled Smart Card Reminder” is an easy (and inexpensive!) measure you can take to give your customers more piece of mind.

To order, contact your NuSource Representative!

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