Refer A Technician… Get Free Pizza!

NuSource Financial is growing, and we are looking for top-tier talent to add to our team. Due to our continued expansion into new markets, we are in need of key personnel to help deliver best-in-class service to our valued customers. At NuSource, we understand the importance of quality talent and how that talent not only affects our company’s success, but also the success of our customers and their businesses. For that reason, we are asking you, our valued customers, for help finding top-notch technicians!

What We’re Looking For…

We are seeking experienced and multi-skilled technicians to deliver ATM and Security Services throughout our 19-state territory. Desired areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, ATMs, Security, and Conventional Banking. If you are aware of a technician who fits the bill, and are confident in their abilities, please send them our way!

What’s In It for You?

We would like to make your assistance and time worthwhile. Upon successful referrals resulting in a hire, we will treat your branch to a pizza party! NuSource is excited to dive into new networks in hopes of finding top talent that will benefit our company as well as yours. Should you have any questions regarding our Referral Program and the position, or if you’re ready to connect and proceed with the referral process, please contact Roger Langerud at


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