Remote ATM Management


atm-solutions-img2Pressure to manage the self-service channel effectively and efficiently is on the rise. As a result, FIs are looking for alternative ways to keep up with ever-changing compliance standards, reduce operating costs, increase ATM availability, and enhance customer satisfaction. NuView does all of this and more, resulting in superior control over a Financial Institution’s ATM fleet.

What Is NuView?

NuView is a remote ATM management tool that provides a faster and more economical approach to ATM service, greater ATM availability, tighter control over software patches for PCI compliance, improved E-Journal retrieval and archiving, and the ability to better align branding and marketing messages within the self-service channel. ATMs continue to be the number one delivery channel, offering real-time convenience to customers 24/7. With NuView, you can gain better control of your ATM channel, at a much lower operating cost.

How NuView Benefits You

  • Reduce the cost of ATM Services and Operations.
  • Enhance control over the self-service channel.
  • Remotely push Microsoft Patch Updates, ensuring PCI-DSS compliance.
  • Diagnose and repair operational issues remotely, minimizing the need for, and cost of, maintenance staff and technicians.
  • Improve EJ retrieval and archiving services.
  • Reduce workload on branch and central users.
  • Real-time convenience to customers, 24/7.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.

NuView’s Security

NuView utilizes a secure, remote connection to your ATM for maintenance, repair, software updates, patch management, EJ file retrieval and screen content management. NuView’s Automated Update Services and Remote Diagnostics not only uphold the ATM network’s security, but also offers quick access to information and diagnostic feedback about the machine’s current condition. Additionally, NuView leverages the secure TCP/IP platform with up to 256-bit DES encryption, gateway security keys, and multi-level permission based access for configuration and control. N

NuView Dashboard

The NuView Dashboard is a centralized web interface that enables you to view features of your ATMs and surveillance systems anytime, anywhere, on ANY device. With various NuView ATM Module Add-ons, including Diagnostics, Security Solutions, EJ Archiving, and Marketing Screens, your ATMs can be monitored, managed, and maintained at the highest level, ensuring optimal efficiency.

NuView Dashboard Modules:

  • ATM Status
  • ATM Analytics
  • Electronic Journals
  • Audit Log
  • Transaction Integration
  • DVR & Camera Health
  • Case Management
  • Video Analytics
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Fraud Detection

ROI Benefits

Through remote ATM management, users are supplied diagnostic information in real-time, which dramatically reduces the amount of time devoted to identifying any problems within the ATM network. For example, when an agent identifies an error, the information is relayed to a system manager right away. More often than not, the problem can be remedied by a simple system reboot. This instant alert and diagnosis, followed by a restart directly from the console, eliminates the need for an expensive service call on a minor issue. Additionally, customers won’t have to be burdened by an ATM that is out of service since the issue can be solved quickly and efficiently via the remote diagnostics.

Remote ATM management also saves on the cost of in-house administration. Since NuView offers the ability to assess cash levels at the machine, monitors fraud activity, delivers transaction statistics and more, it is much easier to manage your ATMs with less people on staff. The key to ATM management is quick access to information and diagnostic feedback about the state of a machine. NuView offers all of this and more.

NuView ATM Modules

NuView ATM Modules are sold individually.

  • Diagnostics: We monitor, manage and maintain your ATM, ITM, TCD or TCR, and service remotely with a 60%+ fix rate.
  • Security Solutions:
    • PCI Patch Management: We help you maintain compliance by keeping your ATMs secure with certified Windows 7 patches. The patches are obtained from Microsoft, consolidated, and distributed quarterly, based on a set schedule.
    • Malware Protection:  AppGuard
    • Anti-Skimming: TMD Anti-Skimming Protection
  • EJ Archiving: We upload your Electronic Journals automatically. You can view, download, and run reports – all from the dashboard.
  • Marketing Screens: We deploy custom advertisement screens to any or all ATMs, automatically, or at the times you choose.


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