Security Solution: AppGuard

Minimizing the Risk of Threats

Our security partnership with Blue Ridge Networks, recipient of consecutive Homeland Security Product of the Year awards, can help you mitigate cybersecurity risks.
AppGuard software has demonstrated the ability to prevent endpoint breaches undetectable by other conventional protection methods. It disrupts malware attacks at th earliest stages and is compatible with Windows XP SP3 through Windows 10.
Additional advantages of AppGuard include:
  • Preventing unauthorized scripts or malware from executing a first-stage attack on the ATM or running malware from a USB device or CD-ROM used for maintenance
  • No relying on scanning, detection, or signature identification to provide protection, thus reducing system overhead
  • Protecting without requiring updates or patches, reducing risks from ATM system maintenance delays
AppGuard is recognized by prominent industry analysts as the leading next generation endpoint protection. It is engineered to deliver an effective, compatible, scalable, and affordable cybersecurity defense to address even unknown and undetectable threats to prevent breaches now and in the future.
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