SUCEFUL Malware Hits Financial Industry by Storm

App GuardSUCEFUL is a shocking new ATM malware that is believed to still be in its development phase. The malware is designed to target cardholders, not banks, by reading a credit/debit card’s magnetic stripe or chip, controlling the malware via ATM PIN pad, and retaining or ejecting the card on demand while suppressing ATM sensors. Unlike Ploutus or Tyupkin, earlier forms of malware, SUCEFUL is designed to work on both Diebold and NCR ATM systems by using a WOSA/XPS interface.

Based on live malware testing, AppGuard has been proven to prevent the SUCEFUL malware from successful attack. By using its full USB and runtime protections, AppGuard disrupts the malware’s attempt at gaining a foothold on the ATM’s system. These protections guard even if the trust system is compromised by malware signed with stolen certificate keys. The AppGuard team believes SUCEFUL will eventually be distributed as digitally signed malware to evade whitelisting solutions. Therefore, they will continue to monitor the evolution of this malware.

Are your machines protected?

In order to keep our customer’s ATM fleets protected from destructive malware like Tyupkin, and the newly evolving SUCEFUL, NuSource recommends the installation of AppGuard to all ATMs. AppGuard is the most comprehensive and advanced anti-malware solution available to the ATM industry, preventing exploits from known and unknown threats using patented isolation and containment technologies. The solution delivers its protection without requiring burdensome scanning or frequent updates, which dramatically reduces system overhead. While ensuring high levels of safety, AppGuard enables consumers to plan and implement forward-thinking strategies. At NuSource, we are continually searching for creative, and effective, solutions to offer our valued customers. We feel confident in AppGuard’s ability to protect ATM fleets from damaging malware like SUCEFUL. To view the full press release on ATM Marketplace, click here!

For more information on AppGuard, or the SUCEFUL malware, contact your NuSource representative.


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