At NuSource, we believe security should be affordable. By using products of the highest quality and offering equipment from a variety of vendors, we have the flexibility to design the perfect surveillance system for you.

In addition to our custom designed programs, we can also help upgrade your existing surveillance system. High definition cameras and digital video recorders produce crystal clear images, ensuring that you won’t miss a thing. From access systems and alarms to bulletproof screens and CCTV, we will develop and maintain an integrated system that will be there when you need it the most. Many Financial Institutions have migrated to IP cameras and recording equipment for their CCTV branch installations. Reduced operating costs and a lower break-even point for fraud investigations are the driving factors behind the conversion.

Whether you need surveillance security for a single site or your entire branch, NuSource offers a complete solution. Our newest 3VR and March Networks options integrate specialty features including sophisticated multiple search functions, facial recognition and unlimited storage. The right surveillance system offers organizations greater security, enhanced efficiency and reduced exposure to theft, accidents and false liability. Let us find the right system for you!

For more details on surveillance or other security solutions, please call us today at 888.786.7560.