Are You Using NuSupport, Our Free Online Customer Portal?

nusupportWhat is NuSupport?

NuSupport, NuSource Financial’s trusted online service portal, gives customers the ability to manage and monitor their service history, completely online. Designed specifically for businesses that sell and service technology, NuSupport allows customers to initiate service requests, monitor account information, and view account summaries. NuSupport provides an easy-to-use interface, ensuring an optimal service experience from start to finish.

Key Features


  • Request/Place Service Calls
  • View Pending Calls
  • View Scheduled Calls
  • View Dispatched Calls
  • Search Service Call Lists for Previously Requested Calls
  • View Real-time Updates from Technicians During Service Visits


  • View Invoice Service History
  • View Service Account Status

Major Customer Benefits

  • NuSource customers have access to their service history, 24/7, free of charge.
  • Online service calls can be placed at the customer’s convenience, without having to speak with a NuSource representative.
  • Once a service call has been placed, customers can monitor the status of that call, and view details throughout the entire servicing process.
  • Automating service processes helps reduce errors and redundancies when placing calls and scheduling service, allowing for greater efficiencies within the branch.
  • NuSupport is compatible with tablets, smart phones, and desktops.

If you are an existing customer and would like sign up for NuSupport, follow the link below to our NuSupport survey. We will contact you to set up your account in the coming weeks. Please note, setting up your NuSupport account is a very simple and quick process, and does not require any secure or classified information. All customers who sign up for NuSupport will be entered into our Pizza Party Drawing.

Click here to sign up for NuSupport, and enter our Pizza Party Drawing!

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