Windows 10 ATM Upgrade Step 2

Step 2: Inventory Audit & Decision Making

As you continue on your Windows 10 ATM Upgrade path, NuSource Financial is your partner for compliance by 2020. Our collaboration will provide your customers with a smooth experience while avoiding system downtime.

Step 2 involves inventory audit and decision making.  To guide you on this step, we welcome the chance to help you:

  • Obtain a list of deployed ATMs
  • Determine which machines can be upgraded to Windows 10 and which machines will need to be replaced
  • Define long-term channel strategy with functionality requirements such as:
    • Cash Dispense Only
    • Deposit Automation
    • Hybrid ATM moving towards ITM Technology
    • ITM technology with or without Video Support
  • Assess current upgradeable fleet against long-term channel strategy
  • Obtain upgrade and replacement costs for budget based on long-term channel strategy needs.

How can we help you with your inventory audit and decision making? Let’s talk today.

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