Windows 10 Upgrade – Step 1: Planning & Strategy

Are you ready to plan your Windows 10 Upgrade? NuSource Financial will help you design a strategy to guide you to PCI compliance by January 2020. The first step includes two phases:
Planning: This phase involves taking an inventory of your ATM fleet to determine which machines can be upgraded and which ones will need to be replaced. Find your machine on the graphic below to evaluate your next step.
Older ATMs that are upgradeable will need (with approximate costs):
  • New Win10 Compatible Core Processors ($3,000-$5,000)
  • New Win10 Operating System ($150)
  • New Win10 Compatible Application Software ($0-$4,000)
  • A full day of labor to upgrade, load new
    software, bring live and test ($1,000-$2,000)
Strategy: Help define your future self-service channel needs by considering these questions:
  • Is your current self-service channel strategy meeting your customer needs and expectations?
  • Is it aligned with the long-term channel strategies of your FI?
  • Is it helping operationally with the decrease in branch traffic and consumer transaction migration?
  • Does it blend with branch transformation technologies you are considering, like the Universal Banker concept?
  • Will you have a different in-branch vs. drive-up strategy?
  • Determine the types of transactions you wish to offerl. Will it include cash withdrawal, deposits, check cashing, payments, etc.?
  • Is video of value to your self-service minded consumer base? If so, where and how would it be used?
As you outline your migration blueprint, we encourage you to consult with vendors and peers to confirm successful strategies that align with consumer preferences. You can then determine replacement equipment needs and create a budget. Be sure to evaluate depreciating asset model vs. outsourcing operating expense model. This phase defines your migration timeline for executing each of the next steps.
Let NuSource help you plan your strategy today!
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