Your Partner for Your Windows 10 Upgrade

Support for the Windows 7 operating systems on ATMs will end January 14, 2020, putting your ATM fleet at risk.

To be PCI-DSS compliant, all financial institutions are required to upgrade ATMs to a Windows 10 operating system.

NuSource Financial is your partner for upgrading to Windows 10 by 2020. Our collaboration will provide your customers with a smooth experience while avoiding system downtime and keeping you compliant. We will help you understand the steps in planning your conversion strategy. You can count on NuSource to guide you from planning to implementation by January 2020.

The 4 steps include:

  1. Strategy & Planning
  2. Inventory Audit & Decision Making
  3. Implementation & Testing
  4. PCI-DSS Compliance


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Window 10 Upgrade Resources

Keep updated with information needed for each step by following our video steps.



Smooth Customer Experience


Sidestep Waiting Lists


Avoid System Downtime


Increase Security